Stripe Scarf Blue

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Blue striped scarf in fox is made of fur in an exquisite SAGA quality, measuring 175 cm in length and 10 cm wide.

You will enjoy the scarf both for everyday and party. Use it over your winter coat when shopping, or let it complement your party dress with the bare shoulders and the deep cut when you go for a cocktail party.

Attractive color combination

The refined color combination of blue, black and white gives a eye-catching look and fits perfectly with the black, denim and white wardrobe, or into a single-colored suit in a contrasting color .

Indulge yourself and your exclusive wardrobe with a powerful touch of sophisticated femininity.

Give your scarf the care that this unique product deserve.

If your scarf becomes wet or damp, shake it and hang it on a hanger in a dry room. Never use a dryer, heat blower or similar to speed up the drying process. Let it dry by itself, just as the fur would in nature. Do not hang it in the closet before it is completely dry.

Do not comb or brush the scarf. Place it on a hanger and shake it so that the hairs fall naturally in place. Do not hang the scarf in a plastic bag, in a special storage bag for the scarf.

Make sure to clean the

Sørg for at du rengør scarfene en gang om året, og hold det godt i god ventilation, så at du kan “puste frakken” og holde dig fri. Hang the skirt dress cool and dark in summer!

That way, you will enjoy your beautiful timeless scarf for many years.


Sørg for, at du får renset tørklædet én gang om året, og opbevar det med god ventilation, så pelsen kan ”ånde” og holdes fri for utøj. Hæng pelstørklædet køligt og mørkt om sommeren!

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