Skunk Scarf White

6.500,00 DKK inc. moms

Scunk scarf white with black pattern.

Fur scarf in white fox with black pattern, is suitable for everyday use, and partys where you want to to that extra thing. The beautiful pattern is inspired by an old danish textile weaving pattern, and amplify the roths of the danish designer, but in a modern and minimalistic look.

A fur scarf is for you who would like to be well dressed, even if the cold weather inspirer you to wrap yourself well in warm clothes. It may be when you go to work, at a cafe with a friend, your partner or your next date – or if you are going shopping. With this scarf around the neck you can look good and feel comfortable in a moment.

The scarf is not only for everyday  use that you can enjoy your fur scarf. The black and white colors makes it easy to combine fur scarf with evening wear in different colors. The scarf is long enough that you can use it as a shawl so you both looks elegant and can keep warm.

Modern fur scarf with Danish roots

Fur scarf is available in both white with black pattern and black with white pattern. The pattern is inspired by an old Danish textile pattern. It helps to cement the clear Nordic roots in the scarf while being modern and minimalist.

The black fur comes from black dyed blue fox, while the white fur is natural white arctic fox. The scarf is 130 centimeters long and 16 centimeters wide.

Please note that this product is an order item. Production time is 1 week, shipment is up to 3 working days.

Free shipping throughout Denmark!

All fur is farmed and OA certified skins.

All Smedegaard products are made of SAGA quality skins.

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Product information:

  • Material: 100% genuine blue fox and arctic fox fur
  • Care instructions: Fur clean
  • Made in Greece
  • Colors: Black, Nature white

Take care of your fur scarf and enjoy it for many years

Many believe that fur is difficult to care for, but that’s not the case. Once you know how to deal with it, it’s easy to get it to maintain its good looks.

Is your fur scarf wet after a walk in the rain, it’s important that you let it air dry before hanging the scarf in the closet. It is also a good idea to purchase a special storage bag so that your scarf gets the most optimal conditions inside the closet. If fur scarf has been messy, do not brush it, but just need to shake it once, so the hair falls into place.

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